Reliable Offshore Inspections from the Safety of Land

We Specialise in Inspecting Hard-to-reach Infrastructure

Safely, Reliably & Efficiently

We fly our tough drones to remote locations so you and your team don’t have to. Improving safety, reliability and environmental impact.

Industries We Serve

Onshore Wind

Offshore Wind


Oil & Gas



Why Inspect
With Us?


Rain or shine, our drones can safely navigate challenging environments.


Our solution takes inspection teams out of risky environments.


We can deploy to the asset in as little as 30 minutes with no additional infrastructure.


Inspect up to 3 times as fast. Empowering predictive maintenance.

Low Carbon

Saving up to 1 tonne of C02 per asset


Saving up 50% in operational expenses

What Makes Us Different?

Advanced Drone Technology

At Airspection, our dedication to pushing the limits of drone technology sets us apart. Our cutting-edge drones are engineered to redefine what’s possible in aerial inspections, our drones can fly further, hover for longer and in tougher weather conditions. 

Live Actionable Insights

The power of our technology lies not only in efficient data collection but also in rapid analysis. Our near real-time data processing capabilities provide you with instant insights to drive immediate actions.

Efficient Integration

One system can be stationed or launched at an accessible point and cover a whole wind farm or over 100km of powerlines. Requiring zero additional infrastructure to operate.

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